Charles Mann G. Cortez

I started working with Klaveness Maritime Agency in Manila in 1997 as a cadet in training, gradually working my way up to a senior rank onboard. Last year I was offered the chance to join KSSI as Ship Operator onshore in Manila.

Klaveness is known for its innovation and its drive to move forward, and I decided to apply those principles to my own career – grabbing the opportunity to swap the vessel environment for a corporate one.

Thanks to the unwavering support and guidance of the professional people I work alongside, I’m convinced I’m on the right path.

Maybe I’ll go back to sea one day, I’ve always dreamt of being a captain, but my development shows that seafarers can enjoy careers onshore too. Working at Klaveness opens up new opportunities, allowing us to take avenues where our knowledge and skills are a real advantage.

Charles Mann G. Cortez

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