A win-win solution – meet our summer interns

Summer interns 2017

From left: Celine Kleivdal (22), Åsmund Heir (23), Keith Zhou (30) and Synnøve Risting Stemsrud (23)

Every summer Klaveness recruit some of the best and brightest to join us for the summer months. For almost 6 weeks, these interns join different departments that cover areas specific to their backgrounds and degrees. The program aims to foster creativity and curiosity, as well as give insight to how Klaveness works in the cross section between our core business and our digital initiatives.

Head of Human Resources, Trine Hellum said, “we have had summer interns for the past few years and vary the type of projects every year and find that this really works to create engagement and great input for further work”. This year four interns were recruited onshore, and one offshore. The fifth intern, Ingvild Ulstein is sailing with the MV Barcarena this summer and will share her experiences on our blog once she returns.

Although they have all tackled different challenges in their day-to-day work, the ones at the office all share some common experiences. Keith who has been working in Klaveness Research explained, “It’s really exciting to test out hypothesis based on our understanding of the market, looking for statistical evidence that could support our theories. The fact that the results from 6 weeks of work could potentially be the basis for a future trading model is really exciting!”.

Åsmund and Celine who have been working on business development in Klaveness Digital both seemed to agree with Keith, Celine said “It feels very rewarding and meaningful when you know that your research adds value to the existing work of Klaveness Digital”. Åsmund exemplifies, “We have been mapping different industries and geographic areas to get a complete picture of potential markets for Cargo, which will be of value for the team moving forward with the product”.

The combination of practice and theory is something they can all attest to has been interesting, enlightening and motivating for their further studies.

Synnøve who has been assisting our Combination Carrier team these past weeks said, “I have been contemplating whether I should do a Master of Science in Economics once I complete my MSc in Marine Technology next spring because I thought it could be a useful combination. After working in Klaveness this summer I think I can say that the projects I have been working on confirm that this could be a way to go”.