a leading service provider
to the global SHIPPING industry


Klaveness is a leading service provider to the global shipping industry

Founded in 1946, Klaveness is an operator, service provider and integrated owner with innovation as an integral part of our overall vision. In addition to being a leading service provider to the global drybulk industry, the company has a unique concept for combination carriers and provides container feeder vessels to various operators. The ability to attract and retain customers and to engage them on a journey of joint development is key to our success.

Ship owner

Klaveness is a ship owner with a unique fleet of environmentally friendly vessels. Our fleet consists of specialized bulk carriers and combination carriers, as well as container vessels.

We have over 70 years experience in operating as an integrated owner, developing ship designs, managing ship building processes, securing employment and providing technical management in-house.

Combination Carriers

The most efficient and most environmentally friendly bulk transportation solution.

Klaveness has been an owner and operator of combination carriers since the early 1950s. Over this period Klaveness has developed and refined vessel design and equipment, operational procedures and crew training, to provide our customers with the most efficient, reliable and high quality bulk shipping service.

The combination carrier trade in dedicated trade patterns with consecutive switching between dry and wet cargo shipments with minimum ballast between the laden voyages. This efficient trading pattern implies a substantial reduction in emissions per transproted ton of cargo and enables Klaveness to offer lower freight costs to our customers compared to the best alternative mode of transporatation.

Our current fleet consists of 9 specialized CABU combination carriers from 72,500 DWT up to 80,500 DWT. The CABUs have the capacity to transport caustic soda solution (CSS), floating fertilizer (UAN) and molasses as well as all form of dry bulk commodities. Since the first CABU vessel was delivered in 2001, the CABUs have built a convincing operational track record with minimum downtime and have had around 600 consecutive switches from dry to wet cargoes with one single wet cargo claim.

Klaveness has a new generation of combination carriers of about 83,500 DWT under construction at Jiangsu New Yangzi Shipbuilding Co. Ltd. for delivery during the second half of 2018.

The current customers in our CABU combination carrier business are amongst others alumina refineries, aluminum smelters and salt producers. The main commodities carried are caustic soda, aluminimum, bauxite and salt.

Ship management is performed by Klaveness Ship management (KSM) certified to ISO 9000, ISO 14001 and OSHAS 18000.



Container Vessels

Klaveness provides container feeder vessels to global liner operators as well as regional feeder operators. Out of a fleet of eight container vessels, six are modern vessels delivered in 2013 and 2014, the “Eco-Flex 25” series.

The Eco-Flex 25 series represents the most economical and flexible technology currently available in the 2,500 TEU market, reducing fuel cost up to 40%:

  • Modern, electronically controlled engines with low-load tuning
  • Wide speed range with ability to super-slow steam
  • Trim assistant for fuel efficient cargo stowage
  • Continuous maintenance and performance monitoring

The outstanding trading flexibility reduces operational risks:

  • High reefer capacity with 536 plugs and a corresponding power output
  • Three 45t cranes
  • Powerful bow thruster
  • ITF and Australia fitted
  • Uni-fuel vessels
  • Ballast water treatment system

Ship management is performed by Klaveness Ship Management (KSM), certified to ISO 9000, ISO 14001 and OSHAS 18000.


2,500 TEU


3,091 TEU


1,740 TEU


Klaveness is a leading operator in the global dry bulk industry, catering to seaborne transport needs in a complex and competitive market.

Cost efficiency and predictability have been our trademarks since the 1950s. Innovation is in our DNA and over time Klaveness has proven to be a partner capable of finding new and creative solutions for drybulk transportation.

Klaveness Chartering

Klaveness Chartering is involved in all aspects of drybulk shipping from spot chartering to long-term COA and period deals for vessel sizes ranging from 45,000 DWT to 98,000 DWT.

A good equity base in combination with an organisation built on 70 years of competence and governance are key determinants in our market presence and position. With a modern fleet of more than 110 standard bulk vessels, and chartering offices in Oslo, Singapore and Shanghai, we are able to offer our customers safe and competitive transportation, enabling them to maximise their value chain.

Innovation is the core of our development. Klaveness has a 70 year history of developing specialized tonnage for designated trades, as well as continuously adapting our business model to industry changes and customer needs. Our pools have been in operation since 1963 and are today streamlined to meet the needs of a wide range of shipowners in a global customer portfolio Learn more about our pools here. Klaveness is aiming to make the leap into the digitised world, giving our customers direct access to vessel data and information that can improve vessel performance. Learn more about our digital platform here.


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Vessel fixtures

Service Provider

Klaveness is a leading service provider to the global drybulk industry. Throughout the company’s history, Klaveness has proved to be a trusted partner for its business relations.

Today we continue this legacy through our pools and our ship management activities, where we offer commercial and technical management to our partners. Torvald Klaveness has been running pools for more than 50 years, and the business model has been adapted to industry changes and client needs. Today we have two streamlined spot market pools, Baumarine and Bulkhandling.


Torvald Klaveness has been running dry bulk pools for more than 50 years. Today we have the Bulkhandling Pool for Handymax, Supramax and Ultramax vessels as well as the Baumarine Pool for Panamax, Kamsarmax and Post Panamax vessels.

The pools operate within a three-month mandate and are well aligned with the Baltic spot indices.  The Klaveness pools are operated under full transparency on vessel performance and distribution of earnings among the pool members. Fairness and equal treatment are cornerstones in our pool model.

Our deliverables cover chartering, operations, accounting, risk management and legal counseling. In addition, Klaveness Research provide weekly market updates to the pool members. The pool manager is at any time at the members’ disposal to discuss the market development.

The pool chartering teams in Oslo, Singapore and Shanghai have clear goals and mandates to utilize the ships capabilities in full. The pool manager facilitates the vessel positioning between and within the basins.

All earnings are pooled and the members get the daily net hire according to the vessel’s rating and performance. The combination of global market coverage, risk management and good vessel utilization gives a stable and sustainable cash flow with hire payment every 15 days.

Performance Management
Our operations desk is manned by senior staff with seagoing experience who treat the pool vessels with a ship-owners perspective. The pool provides state-of-the-art hold cleaning equipment for all vessels and follows stringent and well documented procedures to maintain the holds’ condition.

The vessel performance is closely monitored the ships are benchmarked to optimize ships on speed and consumption wherever possible. Through systematic follow up, some 40% of ships entering the pool improve their performance. This increases cash flow to the direct benefit of the pool members.

Risk Management
Risk Management is integrated in all we do, and all business partners are rated based on capital base, performance and reputation. The pools have not had losses on counterparts since the system was implemented in 2008.

For Vessel Earning Point Calculation please use this link


Timely payments every 15 days


Get the full benefit of the spot markets


of ships entering the pool improved their performance.

Vessel Sourcing & Pool Management

Hans Næss Olstad, Head of Pool Management
Dept. e-mail: commercial@klaveness.com
Phone: +47 2252 6237
Mobile: +47 911 58 210

Tor-Espen Ombustvedt
Phone: +47 2252 6424

Ignacio Pizarro, Business Development Manager
Dept. e-mail: commercial@klaveness.com
Phone: +65 6303 5571

Ship Management

Klaveness Ship Management AS (KSM) offers technical – and crew management services (ship-management) to 3rd party Principals. We have over 70 years of experience in ship-management and operate a worldwide fleet at a very competitive cost.

Our scope is to manage vessels safely and efficiently, continuously seeking improvements whilst maintaining high quality operations, and preserving the value of our customer’s assets at a competitive and predictable cost.

The Company and head office is in Norway with a highly qualified and stable staff conducting in-house technical -, purchasing -, crewing – and insurance services supported by own offices in Romania (crewing), The Philippines (crewing, purchasing, accounting) and South Africa (crewing).

We are a part of Purchasing Pools, ensuring competitive prices on a wide range of products including spare parts, lub oil, stores and more. The records and statistics on our operations secures very favorable insurance premiums, and our operated fleet has over the years had very little off-hire, and significantly lower than the industry average.

Our sailing staff come from The Philippines, Romania, and South Africa, and our retention in the years 2003 – 2017 has been between 95-98%, securing safe – stable – and reliable operations.

The Manpower Development Program encompassing both officers and ratings Both our officers and ratings has a long record in our Company again securing ownership to the Company and its Principals.

Annual fleet budgets through the years show that we deliver, to our customers, a OPEX within +/-1% of agreed budget. Hence, owner predictability and asset value is maintained

Klaveness Ship Management takes pride in early adaption of new requirements, whether it be new regulations, principal requirements or important trends in the industry, and hence certified to the following standards:

  • ISM
  • ISO 9001: 2015
  • ISO 14001: 2015
  • OSHAS 18001: 2007
  • ISO 37001: 2016

With more than 70 years’ experience in ship-management, Klaveness Ship Management has established a solid reputation, also among crew which has ensured high-quality and stable operation of vessels, also through the cyclical periods in shipping.


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Klaveness Manila

Klaveness Manila provide Commercial operations, Accounting and Purchasing services for our customers through Klaveness Shore Services Inc. (KSSI).

Klaveness Shore Services Inc.

Commercial operations

Klaveness Manila is handling commercial operations for Bulk Carriers, Container vessels and Combination Carriers. Years of experience enable us to provide our customers with the best service at competitive prices.

As a digital operator we continously monitor vessel performance, stowage planning, coordinate port calls, bunkering purchases and use a third party weather routing system to make the life of our customers easier, more efficient and better informed.

Inquire today about our commercial operations services

Per Erik Olsen, VP Regional Operations Manager
Dept. e-mail:pol@klaveness.com
Phone:  +47 22 52 61 38
Mobile: +63 998 843 5954


Klaveness Manila’ financial team provide accounting services that include financial and management reporting. The service includes:

  • Vessel accounting
  • Accounts payable accounting
  • Crew payroll accounting
  • Other accounting services as per client requirements

Inquire today about our accounting services

Jobell Cuenca, Head of Finance & Purchasing
Dept. e-mail:  ML_TAC_KSS@klaveness.com
Phone: +632 846 2859
Mobile: +63 998 960 4197


Klaveness Manila’s experienced Marine purchasers, coupled with reliable and trusted vendors enables us to provide a competitive purchasing service.

Purchasing services inlcude, but are not limited to:

  • Supply and service arrangements
  • Warehousing and forewarding
  • Invoice handling
  • Agency nomination

Inquire today about our purchasing services

Jobell Cuenca, Head of Finance & Purchasing
Dept. e-mail:  PURCHASING@klaveness.com
Phone: +632 846 2859
Mobile: +63 998 960 4197


Sample of CARGO the cargo planner

We believe that our industry will benefit greatly from increased collaboration, and that those who share, will be the ultimate winners. To simplify collaboration and facilitate secure sharing between relevant counterparties, Klaveness has developed CARGO, a digital solution that enables customers to manage their entire cargo flow from planning to delivery in one place.

The inspiration for CARGO came from our long-term service to our industrial customers. Klaveness has strived to deliver efficient and reliable transportation services to customers for decades. Apart from competitive freight, the success of our existing business is largely due to us working closely with our customers and the continuous effort of assisting them in monitoring and improving their logistics. With CARGO, we are taking our services to the next level by using software, smart technology and analytics.

Aleksander Stensby, Chief Digital Officer

In the latest version of CARGO, customers get complete visibility which allows them to take preventive action to reduce logistics costs and risk related to fuel, freight, demurrage and storage. The digital solution replaces manual routines and spreadsheets with live updates and real-time collaboration. CARGO provides our customers with a complete overview of their scheduled and ongoing Cargo flow – always updated with actionable information allowing them to optimize their logistics and take preventive action early to respond to unforeseen events and address problems before they become critical.

We believe that CARGO contributes to our overall ambition of “making the life of our customers easier, more efficient and better informed”.

If you are interested in learning more about CARGO, contact Bård Halvorsen, Product Manager Cargo at bha@klaveness.com