Anne Mette Hansen

I joined Klaveness in Singapore November 2013. I have 12 years of shipping experience of which 7 years in Singapore.

I am responsible for the chartering of the “CABU” combination carriers trading within the Middle East and Far East regions. These vessels are consecutively switching between dry cargo and wet cargoes transporting mainly liquid caustic soda in one direction and then conventional drybulk cargoes back to next caustic loading area. This specialized business requires closely co-ordination with key customers on future planning and scheduling.

It is motivating to be involved in such customer relationships that require an in-depth knowledge of and interest in the customers’ business and understanding their value chain and challenges they are facing. I enjoy the challenges the deadlines etc. add to the job and the constant focus on scheduling and the need to be very proactive at all times.

For 2016 and the future, I am looking forward to taking delivery of 6 combination carrier newbuildings. Adding more vessels to the fleet will create new possibilities and opportunities for this segment.

Not only do I enjoy my job with the combination carriers, I also enjoy working for Klaveness!

Despite the fact that Klaveness isn’t  amongst the biggest players in the shipping industry, the company’s visions are very ambitious and “thinking big”.

The company has always had a strong focus on niche markets, and to constantly investigate and explore new opportunities and new ways of doing shipping.

Visiting the various Klaveness offices though the years, you realize how strongly all employees are determined to constantly improve our business. This spirit goes not only for shore based employees also the crew onboard our vessels show strong commitment to the company though being out at sea.

In Klaveness you feel the employees are always regarded as the most valuable asset despite difficult shipping market

Anne Mette Hansen