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MV Bakkedal vessel

From MV Bakkedal 

In the present market, there is abundance of tonnage for sale and the transactions are moving at an increasing pace.  In this process, Klaveness can assist in rating and benchmarking tonnage, and further assist Owners in optimising their ships. 

At times when the purchase transactions of second hand tonnage is moving fast, it is crucial to have robust figures on a vessel’s actual speed and consumption and by this have a ship which is attractive in the market.

The time charter market is getting increasingly sophisticated on the pricing of tonnage. This is partly due to the challenging market seen over the past years, but also because it is now possible to measure performance with better accuracy than before.

Klaveness were pioneers when we started to optimise ships on eco-speed in 2011, and have built up procedures for monitoring and optimising ships to take out their full performance in a changing market.

By applying a systematic approach, Klaveness has built up a database and rating system for standard bulkers, and with robust data on some 700 dry bulk ships we can assess their earning potential in a given market.  We use this information to evaluate time charter candidates, and for the benchmarking and optimisation of pool tonnage for the benefit of the pool member. The same data is also used to for benchmarking purposes, to continuously improve a vessels’ performance.

Graph span in vessel earning points

Graph: the span of the vessel earning point for different designs. Selecting a specific vessel design will not give a guarantee for good performance

On standard designs, we see spreads of up to 20 percent when comparing with relevant ships as defined by the Baltic Exchange. As the performance of a vessel has a direct impact on the vessels earnings and attractiveness in the time charter market, it is important to minimise the performance gap.

The spreads and differences are not necessarily reflected in the sales prospects when ships are put in the market. The general buyer will look at the building yard and age as key determinants in a buying process, however, with our data on ships’ performance, we are able to see trends on certain ship designs and specifications. We are also able to verify whether the vessels’ description on speed and consumption is an accurate reflection of its actual performance.

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