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Klaveness has always sought to create customer value by finding new and improved solutions to present and future challenges, thereby bringing new ideas to shipping. On our blog we share our thoughts and insights on energy efficiency, digitization and the dry bulk market. These are topics that will play a central role in our vision to improve the nature of shipping.

Energy efficiency

Energy and climate awareness are THE factors that have changed the costs and priorities in shipping the most over the last decade. We believe it will continue to impact the nature of shipping in the years to come.

Graph illustrating daily fuel consumption 2017


It has already triggered changes in technology, operations and how governments regulate our industry. Furthermore, it has significantly changed shipping demand, with gas and renewables on the rise and coal in a structural decline. Klaveness invests heavily in improving energy efficiency through advanced analytics and optimization of the existing fleet and developing new vessel concepts that substantially reduce energy per ton of cargo transported. We believe that those who can impact positively upon energy efficiency and environmental protection will be the future winners.




The world is being digitized. The steady advance of information and communication technology and the ever-increasing amounts of data will continue to drive unprecedented change.


Even traditional industries like shipping are ripe for substantial change. We believe the main drivers of change in our industry will be access to, and processing of, big data, automation of knowledge work, Internet of Things, and limitless connectivity at affordable prices.

We do not have all the answers as to where this will take us – we might well live to see unmanned vessels, robotised trading, online market places for shipping and new ways of sharing on digital platforms – but we firmly believe that these changes can be shaped and turned into new opportunities. We believe the future winners are those who embrace digital opportunities.



Dry Bulk Market

Market insight is crucial in a market that is both volatile and cyclical.
Graph Volatile and cyclical markets

Take any market – bonds, stocks, or minerals – and shipping will probably trump them in terms of serving up unpredictable changes and surprising twists and turns. In order to make prudent trading decisions in the short-term and good long-term investment decisions, we need to have a clear view of how the markets will or could develop. Our track record demonstrates that we make more right than wrong predictions about the market. With new capabilities in accessing big data and the application of computer algorithms we believe we will continue to be a leader in this area. We believe the future winners see changes before they become obvious to others.