Crisis Management and human behavior is a shared responsibility

Participants at the annual crisis management seminar in Manila 2018

Image: Crisis management seminar in Manila, Philippines 2018. Credit: Klaveness


Since 2007, Klaveness Ship Management has invited companies to join the annual Crisis Management Seminar that include shore and sea-based representatives in Manila.

Throughout the years numerous officers have faced a dilemma in which they operate under heavy strain and stress, and where the perception and assumptions have led to decision making, which in hindsight has been questioned by others.

Speakers and facilitators from Gard AS, ECM Maritime Services, Seascape, ExeQserve and the University of Bergen (from Norway) joined this year’s seminar that ran over 3 days to share their knowledge and experiences on maritime crisis management. VP, Maritime Personnel from Klaveness Ship Management Torbjørn Eide said, “The Crisis Management Seminar is run at self-cost, not giving any other profit then that of officers from different Companies meeting and joining together to gain and exchange experience which will enhance their knowledge in a crisis.”

The seminar aims to broaden an officer’s scope of knowledge on the total aspect of a crisis, which has its origin on board. This is done through a planned scenario including role play. This would include internal and external communication, observation of the various chain reactions – because of decisions taken, various priorities pending the third-party motivation, crucial factors to a successful handling of the situation, media handling, handling the information flow, loss prevention after a crisis, post traumatic handling and the measures which could have prevented the situation

Some companies may conduct an internal crisis management session, but limited to own officers with in-house staff. It is Klaveness Ship Managements firm belief that such an approach gives limited value and insight. Our industry is dependent on officers meeting from several companies, sharing experience and together making the industry safer through collaboration. When you in addition to that have facilitators from the industry representing those companies that support ship-owners when crisis happens, that gives, in our opinion, true value and development.

Participating companies are BW Shipping, Gearbulk, Grieg, Nordic Maritime Services AS, Odfjell, PG Shipmanagement Pte. Ltd, Klaveness Maritime Ship Management AS, Solvang, Thome Shipmanagement Pte Ltd. ROHQ and Wilhemsen.