Data driven positioning of the fleet gave pool members full market upside in March

Bulkhandling vessel

Image: MV Bakkedal


By adjusting the coverage according to input from data analytics and a correct geographical positioned fleet, the Klaveness pools maintain its focus on giving members full market upside during the first quarter of 2018.

The Bulkhandling Supramax pool had a daily result of USD 10,850 in March, which is USD 975 above the SM10TC benchmark. The Baumarine Panamax pool delivered daily earnings of USD 12,675 which is USD 613 above the P5TC benchmark. The figures for the first quarter 2018 gives daily earnings of USD 10,000 for the Bulkhandling pool members and USD 12,600 for the Baumarine pool members.

Klaveness has commercialized the offering for conversions from floating to fixed rates, and through that given pool members the possibility to utilize market volatility and spikes to their benefit, without having a geographical position risk at redelivery and risk of optional period, which is considerable on timecharters.

The pool members get access to the Klaveness deal flow and portfolio of first class charterers, and they benefit from a global coverage in a volatile and diversified market. Both pools are well positioned for a market being volatile and positional, and still with a potential for further increase on rate levels through the year.