Jonas Gahr Støre shows strong interest in Klaveness’ digital initiatives

Gearing up to the upcoming multidisciplinary maritime conference at NTNU about ocean space 12th of May, Jonas Gahr Støre (Ap), Leader of the Labour party in Norway came to visit Klaveness on April 20th. Støre wanted to hear more about our digital initiatives, the challenges facing the industry, and how the authorities can play their part in creating a more sustainable future for ocean resources.

Jonas Gahr Støre

CEO at Klaveness Lasse Kristoffersen and Jonas Gahr Støre (Ap), Party leader of the Norwegian Labour party.

Our 70 year long track record as a global shipping company headquartered in Norway, has required innovation at every level throughout our history. Going forward, digitization, along with energy, will play an important part in how Klaveness’ shape new solutions to improve the nature of shipping.

Støre talks about the ocean as one of our most important resource going forward, and was excited to hear more about the potential of digitalising the shipping industry as part of this development. Discussing the challenges of attracting the right expertise, risk willing capital and the lack of digital wizards to develop the digital technologies of the future was a recurring topic throughout his visit.

Highlighting the importance of holistic thinking and collaboration within the maritime industry, as well as collaboration and knowledge sharing across different industries will become increasingly important with time. Promoting a collective effort from key industry players, the authorities and educational establishments such as universities and research centres can effectively minimise the gap between future needs and the existing pool of experts.

By pooling our efforts we may create a much more valuable marketplace than we can individually.