Making the life of our customers easy, more efficient and better informed

We at Klaveness work closely with our customers to understand their short and long term needs and challenges. Developing these relationships and building on valuable knowledge gained from our customers we believe is key. Especially when working to find new intuitive ways of supporting our customers in their day to day business.

Thinking ahead

Shipping is arguably often described as a cyclical business that has been bombed out due to overly eager contracting of new ships. The industry is currently experiencing market conditions where ship owners do not achieve earnings sufficient to pay for OPEX and repay loans and interest. We at Klaveness believe that the market conditions will continue to fluctuate and are seeking solutions that can be robust through boom and bust cycles.

Creating sustainable solutions

We therefore target how we can utilise the ships more efficiently, employ the most efficient vessels, and make it easier for our customers to do business with us by developing user-friendly and accessible solutions.

CARGO is our solution for making sure that our customers always know where the cargo is during our care and how it will impact their supply chain.

PERFORM is our solution for displaying fuel performance and comparing the commercial value of each ship using our VESSEL PERFORMANCE INDEX (VPI).

When our customers engage in these solutions we are all able to improve the way we use the vessels, to be transparent about the value of each ship and easily make adjustments that matter the most to our customers.