Martin Wattum

After completing my MSc. degree in Marine Technology in 2011 I wanted to get involved in the global and dynamic shipping industry. Klaveness’ past and present successes, combined with its exciting vision for the future, made the company very attractive for me.

I started with a two year Maritime Trainee scheme, where I got the opportunity to contribute and learn from all parts of the organization. My responsibilities and activities were incredibly diverse, spanning from the technical department, with dry docking and a two month sailing experience with our CABU vessels, to commercial aspects and trading activities.

I finished the trainee period at the Supramax chartering desk where I was fixing spot vessels in the Atlantic region. After two years of physical trading, I got the opportunity to move into financial trading. Klaveness is a big player within Forward Freight Agreements (FFA), and this subject was a great way to combine the experience from the physical chartering desk with financial instruments.

It was very interesting to develop new trading strategies, as well as learn about the different products and option trading within mainly dry bulk, but also some wet freight. We also built knowledge around fuel trading and various fuel products, which was a great way of expanding into something completely new for me and the company. It was also very meaningful to be of support for the different business departments and segments that might have hedging or business related questions or challenges.

After five years in the company I am now just starting as a senior project manager for the new combination carriers. These ships will combine the experience Klaveness has as an owner and operator in this segment, together with capabilities of expanding further into new trades. I am excited to see how these ships further will improve the nature if shipping.


Martin Wattum