MV Ballard is ready to set sail

MV Ballard from naming ceremony

MV Ballard from naming ceremony on 21.04.2017 Credit: Ales Dohnal 

Today the third CABU combination carrier ordered from Zhejiang Ouhua Shipbuilding Co. Ltd  in 2013/2014 was delivered. The vessel is the sister vessel of MV Balboa and MV Baffin both of which were delivered in 2016.
This second-generation combination carrier is both larger and more efficient than previous generations, as well as more environmentally friendly. The vessel has been designed with a water ballast treatment system, improved software for performance monitoring and trim optimization as well as fuel saving electrical motors and auxiliary engines.

Annie Hao and Karin Gjersøe signing of MV Ballard

Annie Hao, Owner and Commercial Director at Zhejiang Ouhua Shipbuilding Co. Ltd and Karin M. Gjersøe, Attorney at Law from Klaveness. 

With this new generation of combination carriers, Klaveness will considerably expand its combination carrier business venturing into new cargoes, new line trades and servicing new customers.