Once you know what you are dealing with, it’s easier to improve vessel performance

MV Balboa

Image: MV Balboa


You may think that sister vessels or ships built in longer series which appear identical on the drawing board would perform similarly after delivery from the shipyard. The fact is that we see that a variety of factors making impact, such as yard quality, site supervision, minor alterations to the standard specification, workmanship of crew and shore staff and how the Owners are able to take out the full potential of the ship through performance optimization. In short, “on paper” does not necessarily reflect reality.

One of our customers, Apeejay Shipping, headquartered in Kolkata in India have actively used the Klaveness rating services to support their decision-making processes when in an expansion phase. By acquiring rating and benchmarking based on Klaveness database with performance data on more than 1000 ships, ApeeJay and others can get a qualified opinion on a ship’s description and potential improvement.

We think it is great to see that pool members are using the entire specter of services offered to them, and it is particularly great to see that sharing knowledge and information adds value to decision processes and building competence within our customers’ organizations. They not only get the latest information from our Research department on market development, but also use input from our database on their vessel performance that enables them to take action.

As a pool manager and partner we are pleased to offer guidance on the potential and relative performance of a ship, whether it is a question of making decisions related to timecharters or acquisition of second hand tonnage.

If you would like us to hear more about the service, please contact Hans N. Olstad at commercial@klaveness.com