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Klaveness has industry-leading competence in its core areas of chartering, operations, technical management and finance. Our strategy is to remain an integrated shipping company, retaining these core competences while developing our skills related to innovation, digitisation and services. We believe the future winners are those who embrace new opportunities to build on a platform of craftsmanship.

Oceans of opportunity

A career at Klaveness opens oceans of opportunities for employees to develop their skills, push limits and uncover their potential.

Klaveness’ offices around the world create both a sense of community among employees – “ONE Klaveness” – and an atmosphere that nurtures professional growth. No matter if a role is onboard one of our vessels or onshore, the same vision is shared: To improve the nature of shipping. We invest in teams and individuals who want to make a difference. We believe excellent results for Klaveness depend on the efforts and development of our employees. 


Would you like to work for an international company where innovation is an integral part of our overall vision and values?

We offer challenging positions, fun, and careers with opportunities for personal and professional growth.

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Working in Klaveness

Our people make us who we are

Klaveness is a global company, with career opportunities in many disciplines within shipping. When working at Klaveness you will get the opportunity to collaborate with colleagues from many different countries and customers all over the world.

As part of our international organization you will be encouraged to take ownership of your work, take initiative and grab new challenges.

We believe that people take more pride in their work when they are engaged, feel that they have mastered their job and can utilise their existing and future potential. Our employees have access to a multitude of opportunities to develop their skills and excel in their careers. We expect all our employees to show the willingness and resourcefulness to continuously develop their competence.

Working at Klaveness is not just a job. It’s an exciting career. Meet some of our people.

Captain Liviu Costache


Since joining Klaveness in 1998, I have had a great professional journey from Jr Deck Officer to Master.

All these years have been filled with great job satisfaction as the company provides a dynamic, innovative, people-oriented work environment.

Along the way, I’ve had the chance to meet and learn from remarkable people on board and ashore.

A career in shipping is an opportunity to grow in an exciting, demanding and unique working environment.

Captain Liviu Costache

Sandy Guan

Port Captain, Operations in Shanghai

Our China office was opened in Beijing on 1 January 2003. I was its very first employee, helping to get the operation up and running and established in this new market.

Time has flown, and much has changed, since those early days, but my commitment and enjoyment remains the same.

From day one I learnt that the business encourages honesty and personal development, fostering an environment where employees aren’t afraid to ask questions and are encouraged to learn from any mistakes. This attitude is key to building a business that enjoys a reputation for reliability and transparency, and is still going strong after 70 years.

The job can be challenging, but we thrive on challenges – often making the seemingly impossible possible. We achieve this by being a team, bonded by the company vision of improving the nature of shipping.

Sandy Guan

Anne Mette Hansen

Senior Chartering Manager, Singapore

I joined Klaveness in Singapore November 2013. I have 12 years of shipping experience of which 7 years in Singapore.

I am responsible for the chartering of the “CABU” combination carriers trading within the Middle East and Far East regions. These vessels are consecutively switching between dry cargo and wet cargoes transporting mainly liquid caustic soda in one direction and then conventional drybulk cargoes back to next caustic loading area. This specialized business requires closely co-ordination with key customers on future planning and scheduling.

It is motivating to be involved in such customer relationships that require an in-depth knowledge of and interest in the customers’ business and understanding their value chain and challenges they are facing. I enjoy the challenges the deadlines etc. add to the job and the constant focus on scheduling and the need to be very proactive at all times.

For 2016 and the future, I am looking forward to taking delivery of 6 combination carrier newbuildings. Adding more vessels to the fleet will create new possibilities and opportunities for this segment.

Not only do I enjoy my job with the combination carriers, I also enjoy working for Klaveness!

Despite the fact that Klaveness isn’t  amongst the biggest players in the shipping industry, the company’s visions are very ambitious and “thinking big”.

The company has always had a strong focus on niche markets, and to constantly investigate and explore new opportunities and new ways of doing shipping.

Visiting the various Klaveness offices though the years, you realize how strongly all employees are determined to constantly improve our business. This spirit goes not only for shore based employees also the crew onboard our vessels show strong commitment to the company though being out at sea.

In Klaveness you feel the employees are always regarded as the most valuable asset despite difficult shipping market

Anne Mette Hansen

Martin Wattum

Senior Project Developer, Combination Carriers, Oslo

After completing my MSc. degree in Marine Technology in 2011 I wanted to get involved in the global and dynamic shipping industry. Klaveness’ past and present successes, combined with its exciting vision for the future, made the company very attractive for me.

I started with a two year Maritime Trainee scheme, where I got the opportunity to contribute and learn from all parts of the organization. My responsibilities and activities were incredibly diverse, spanning from the technical department, with dry docking and a two month sailing experience with our CABU vessels, to commercial aspects and trading activities.

I finished the trainee period at the Supramax chartering desk where I was fixing spot vessels in the Atlantic region. After two years of physical trading, I got the opportunity to move into financial trading. Klaveness is a big player within Forward Freight Agreements (FFA), and this subject was a great way to combine the experience from the physical chartering desk with financial instruments.

It was very interesting to develop new trading strategies, as well as learn about the different products and option trading within mainly dry bulk, but also some wet freight. We also built knowledge around fuel trading and various fuel products, which was a great way of expanding into something completely new for me and the company. It was also very meaningful to be of support for the different business departments and segments that might have hedging or business related questions or challenges.

After five years in the company I am now just starting as a senior project manager for the new combination carriers. These ships will combine the experience Klaveness has as an owner and operator in this segment, together with capabilities of expanding further into new trades. I am excited to see how these ships further will improve the nature if shipping.


Martin Wattum

How we work

Innovation is an integral part of our overall vision and values in Klaveness, and take place in all of our activities.

The pace of change is increasing. The average age of a company is coming down fast, and new, innovative companies are threatening almost every part of traditional businesses. In order to survive, also in shipping, we need to constantly find new ways to create customer value and new business models. Our mantra is “try a little, learn a lot” and we believe the future winners are those who experiment most, fastest and cheapest.

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The Klaveness Lab

When it comes to developing digital solutions, we need to “think and act as a start-up company”.

We therefore established the Klaveness Lab (KLAB) in 2015 as the incubator for development of new digital solutions and services. The unit consists of external entrepreneurs and experts in addition to internal resources.

KLAB evaluate, prototype, test and deliver digital solutions to the organization and our partners. The unit also identifies opportunities arising from new technologies, build and nurture a external network and scout for companies, solutions or technologies that can enrich our digital platform.

Arrows moving in a circle

The sprint

The design sprint is one of the ways we employ our mantra “try a little learn a lot”.

The sprint is a two week problem solving technique spent on answering critical business questions, by designing, prototyping and testing new ideas in collaboration with our customers.

We at Klaveness use the sprint method because we believe future winners are those who are able to experiment the most, fastest, at the lowest cost.

talented entrepreneurs

We at Klaveness have spent recent years managing and developing digital services for our industry.

We now want to up our game, and expand to include potential digital partners, entrepreneurs, academics and professionals related to digital and shipping.

We welcome technologies and solutions that can enrich our digital services, and want to build relations across industries and attract talent to exchange experiences and facilitate collaboration.


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Ideas are worth sharing. Ideas are problems worth solving. Ideas are opportunities worth grabbing.

That is why we at Klaveness have a web page where our employees can submit ideas, and give feedback and support to those that they believe should be prioritised. The ideas are continuously screened for content and very often lead to more questions than answers.

Here at Klaveness we also have a process for solving problems that allow us to quickly engage necessary competence among our staff and quickly determine whether this is a problem worth solving or an opportunity worth grabbing. If YES we quickly prototype potential solutions that can be taken to market.


The Crew Section is responsible for developing and maintaining the manning function. We have unique know-how in recruitment, training and development of maritime personnel with multi-national backgrounds.


All our cadets go through the same recruitment and selection process. This includes ability profiling and individual interviews with our staff. Our cadets from the Philippines are recruited through the NSA programme, whilst our cadets from Romania and South Africa are recruited from Maritime Universities and Schools.

Training and development

Over the years we have developed a sophisticated Training and Development programme that include individual tiers of development for both officers and ratings. Securing a well-trained workforce with a healthy age profile.

Our Manpower Development Programme recruits and trains our future ratings. They undergo a three-month training programme at school and in operational ports prior to embarking onboard as deck and engine boys. We source our recruits in two ways: They are brought in as a consequence of referrals made by existing Company sea staff, or actively recruited from less fortunate areas in The Philippines and South Africa in order to contribute to enhancing social welfare in those areas.

Manning agencies in the Philippines (est.1984) and Romania (est. 2000) secure ownership over staff onboard and ashore. This enables a close follow-up on operations and makes the decisions loop quick and efficient. Our retention rate since 2005 has ranged between 93-98%, and annual extension rate due to non-qualified relievers is below 2%.

Our sea staff consists of cadets, apprentices, trainees, officers and ratings recruited from our manning offices in the Philippines, Romania and South Africa.


Learn more about how we process your personal data during a recruitment process.

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