Practical experience is priceless


Sunu Kurian gained valuable experience from her 7 months at Klaveness, as part of the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration (NAV) and Telenor’s Integration program.

Sunu Kurian moved to Norway from India in 2013 to combine her passion for business and numbers with her passion for shipping. Her second Master’s degree in Maritime Management at the University College of Southeast Norway became her first meeting with shipping and Norwegian culture. By employing a conscientious approach to tasks and eagerness to learn, NAV and Telenor’s Integration program was what she needed to get relevant work experience to further her career.

Many highly educated people with immigrant backgrounds experience prejudice and discrimination when looking for a job. Telenor’s Integration programme aims to improve inclusion in working life for immigrants and provide valuable international experience. A win-win situation for both employers, participants and society.

Kurian first heard about the programme through NAV, and first learnt about Klaveness through the Director of NOR-Shipping, Birgit Marie Liodden, who was her mentor during her master thesis. She started working in Klaveness in May of 2016, and was quickly exposed to various tasks within Group Finance, Risk Management and Group Treasury. Head of Risk management Torodd Eeg-Olsen, her mentor during the outplacement at Klaveness believes her willingness to learn and positive attitude when exposed to new tasks has enabled her to broaden her competence base extensively in just 7 months.

Kurian herself said that “for me, Klaveness was the best way to learn. I strongly believe that the knowledge I gained at Klaveness have taken me to the next level in my career.”

After her 7 months in Klaveness Kurian was recruited by DNV GL to their Periodic Service Agreements Department for a short-term project. She is excited about the doors that the Integration programme opened for her, and remains firm that practical experience is the best kind of experience.

Telenor Integration Programme

The Integration programme is a joint project between NAV and Telenor, recruiting highly educated immigrants from outside Europe to job training. The objective of the programme is to give participants the opportunity to gain valuable experience that strengthen their chances to gain access to working life, through relevant work practice and training.

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