Proud sponsor of incredible teamwork in the Rio games in 2016

Strandli and Brun teamed up in 2008 and have learnt that the key to great teamwork is the ability to keep a positive attitude under pressure. We met the two a few days after their return to Norway, and got to hear more about their Olympic experience and congratulate them on their medals.

Kristoffer Brun and Are Strandli with bronze medal

From left: Kristoffer Brun and Are Strandli after winning the Olympic bronze medal in men’s lightweight double sculls in Rio. Photo by Tine Heien Bjonge

A two-way collaboration

Since the start of our partnership with Strandli and Brun, Klaveness was excited to support the values that the duo displayed. Mostly because of the passion and drive they displayed for their profession, but also because the organization felt their core values and team mentality was a great fit with that of the organization. A win-win collaboration, where Klaveness employees have had the pleasure of following the duo on the journey to an Olympic medal. In addition to inspirational talks on training, nutrition and how to set individual training goals to give their training an extra boost.

Strandli and Brun highlighted that the same activities made them grow as athletes. Strandli exemplified, “speaking in front of an organization about our road to Rio has challenged our comfort zone, and I think has pushed us to become better athletes all-round”. Brun added, “we definitely feel like we have grown to become a part of the Klaveness family through the close collaboration”.

Great support in family and friends

Strandli and Brun were well prepared for Rio, and had great fun whilst competing in the Olympics this summer. Although family and friends travelled far to cheer them on, Strandli and Brun explained that “when in competition, we have to focus on what we are there to do, so despite what many might think, we hardly see our supporters during the games”. Although they did not have the chance to see much of family and friends, they agreed, “we really appreciate the support, and that they came all the way to Rio to cheer us on”.

When all counts

When asked about the semifinal and final, Strandli and Brun both agreed that the semifinal was the hardest both physically and mentally. Brun explained, “mostly because lactic acid started building up quite early, and we were both aware of the fact that we had more than half the distance to go”. In the finals however, Strandli said, “you row on instinct”. Both heats had Klaveness employees around the world jumping with excitement, and the two received great applause for the teamwork, passion and dedication displayed both on screen and in person.

When asked about their plans going forward, Strandli and Brun exclaimed in unison, “we will definitely have some time off”, before they looked at each other, laughed and added, “and eat whatever we want!”

Brun and Strandli will be part of the Klaveness team running at Oslo Marathon on the 17th of September. The duo will run the 10K with a majority of Klaveness runners, but we will also have runners covering the half-marathon and full marathon.