Upskilling employees through a tailored data and analytics program to meet the demands of tomorrow

The Analytics mentors are crucial for the success of employees on their analytics journey. From left, Håkon Moltubakk, Ingri Langemyhr, Peter Lindström and André Torbjørnsen in one of the early mentor training sessions.


Equipping our employees with the right skills and analytical tools, at the right time, is an absolute business essential. Our people make us who we are, and they are the key driving force behind any innovation, technology and service development that take place in Klaveness. With many companies like ourselves moving full steam ahead towards a brave new world of real-time data and condition monitoring, we have set our sights on creating a data-driven culture in the organization through our global, tailored Analytics training program.

Since 2014, Klaveness has been on a mission to provide the most useful and intuitive digital services in shipping. The Klaveness Lab was established in 2015 to focus solely on this, and began as an incubator for development of new digital solutions and services. This was further spun out as a separate company in 2018, Klaveness Digital AS.  The establishment of the Klaveness Lab in 2015 illustrates one of the ways in which we have applied our mantra, “try a little learn a lot”. The work done by KLab inspired and taught the rest of the organization new ways of working and encouraged the application of the Google design sprint, a two-week problem-solving technique spent on answering critical business questions, by designing, prototyping and testing new ideas in collaboration with our customers, instead of initiating larger, more time-consuming projects.

A shared language and data-driven culture

Moreover, it taught us the importance of speaking the same “language” across an organization where you have everything from a Back-End Developer, Data Scientist, to Charterer and Ship Manager. Moving from an organization that has centred its success and legacy around finding new ways to improve technology and business models in shipping, to one that has a data-driven culture where all employees use data to get new insight to make better decision. We decided to set out on this journey in 2018. By creating a global, tailored Analytics program that supports employees in learning how to use data and analytics for improved decision-making in their daily jobs.

All employees get a dedicated mentor

One of the fundamentals of the program is the handpicked group of mentors spread across all offices, that have been nominated by their peers to take on the mentor role. The mentors are there to help employees on the analytics journey, not only offering practical help, but also to motivate and encourage.

André Torbjørnsen, Analytics mentor

André Torbjørnsen, who is one of the mentors based in Oslo explains:

“Our entire organization can benefit from using analytical tools, which can complement, rather than replace the years of experience and on job intuition, which has helped us get to where we are today. Our role is to provide support to our colleagues, especially those who might have been the furthest away from this mindset at the beginning of the course”.

Haruki Chua, Analytics mentor

Haruki Chua, one of the mentors in Singapore adds, “the mentor role is both fun, challenging and rewarding. Learning analytics is great, but what I truly enjoy is working together with colleagues across different offices on different analytics projects. As a mentor, I truly enjoy it when my colleagues get a sense of fulfillment in the learning process, I think that as an organization we will see the fruits of our labor in no time!”


We are just at the beginning of our Analytics journey

Trine Hellum, Head of Human Resources who has been leading the initiative said, “We believe that people take pride in their work when they are engaged, feel they have mastered their job and can utilize their existing and future potential. Klaveness Academy is a source for personal development and professional growth and the Analytics program is a great opportunity offered to employees who want to keep updated and upgrade their skills”.

The program offers a foundational course which all employees take part in. Once the foundation course has been completed individuals can choose what they want to do next in the course package which is constantly being developed further, depending on their personal goals.

The program has been designed to include relevant case work in the business and addresses pain points of our own business and that of our customers, making it extremely relevant and relatable. “Variation and relevance, we believe is key to learning” Hellum says.

This is the very beginning of our analytics journey. Chief Executive Officer Lasse Kristoffersen sums it up nicely, “Developing our employee’s careers is an investment for both our employees and the future of Klaveness”.

He hopes that staff will embrace the opportunity and encourages employees to invest in themselves and that future colleagues will appreciate the approach to lifelong learning applied in Klaveness.